Above: Kent and his first patient in Victoria

Burnside Denture Clinic

Burnside Denture Clinic has two convenient locations in Victoria: 160 Burnside Road East and the Mayfair Shopping Centre. Both are wheelchair accessible.

Kent recently acquired this clinic from Robb McInnis who opened in 1983.

Kent’s father was a Denturist, Kent’s Brother is a Denturist, Kent trained his 2 nephews who are Denturists and purchased his clinic in Saskatoon ,which he successfully ran for 9 yrs before heading west!  He starting working at his father’s clinic at the age of twelve, during summer holidays, and went straight into the Denturist program at The Northern Alberta Institute of Technology at the age of 18, graduating in 1995.  He has been licensed as a Denturist since 1997.  With this experience Kent is known for his quality workmanship and high standards.

We like to treat our patients at Burnside Denture Clinic just like our own family and we make sure  each of them feels relaxed ,at ease and at home!!

Kent’s new Denture care team is looking forward to hearing from you.